About Us

Ember & Amber was founded by Nicci Luders, who worked within the Australian barbeque industry for almost 10 years. During that time, she was inspired by charcoal cooking that requires a low heat, for tougher cuts of meat, a slower style of cooking also known as ‘Low & Slow’.

Along with her addiction for low & slow cooking, her passion for the Honeybee Culture has grown immensely. Being a member of the Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeping Society, “allows us to become advocates for the Bee’s”.

Honeybee’s along with Australia’s Native Bee’s, help pollinate approximately 2/3rds of Australia’s fresh produce. Although Honeybees are not native to Australia, they still provide an integral part of everyday living to Australians.

Why cold smoking?

Founder Nicci explains -

"Whilst seeking a career change, and glazing honey on pork ribs, the idea of smoking the honey came to mind. Could it be done?

After experimenting smoked honey on a charcoal vessel, the vessel was producing heat at a rate that changed the consistency of the honey, Reducing its health benefits.

So, how can I reduce the amount of heat, whilst using ‘clean’ (no charcoal) wood?

It was then I realised; Cold Smoking the honey kept the temperature low & allowed the beneficial enzymes to stay within the honey, Making it just as healthy as unsmoked honey." 

What does your business name represent?

"Small Embers are formed using Australian seasoned woods & develops a smoky atmosphere that infuses the Amber hues of our pure raw Australian Honey."